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Best Dash Yogurt Maker Review

With all the hype lately about how great yogurt is for you to consume because of it's live enzyme, good flora bacteria that we need to keep our bodies running in tip top shape, it's no wonder everyone is running out to buy one. Also, experts in the Science field say that the healthier yogurt are the ones with less sugar. But, the yogurts on all the grocery cooler shelves have a lot of sugar! With the designs and quality of a Best Dash Greek Yogurt Maker, you will see why this is a high rated consumer product and why you should get one too! Let's take a look at the features of this wonderfully made machine. PRICING OF PRODUCT First off, we are all amazed by the price of this maker! With prices ranging from $20.00 to $50.00. It's very affordable. It's a great value for the price. The various models come in different colors to choose from as well. FEATURES It comes with an, all in one, comfy inserted design. Very easy to clean 32 oz. or 4 cup strainer. Different models can make up to 2 quarts. This hardy serious worker makes a full quart of yogurt. No wondering aimlessly around the kitchen to judge completeness as It comes with an internal clock that lets you know with an alarm that it's finished. Comes with easy to wrap up cord storage. PRODUCT REVIEW There is about an hour wait for the preparation for the milk that needs to be heated and prepped before you can place it in the machine. All things do that require a curd formation. Non dairy milks, such as rice, soy, and almond do not come out as well as dairy milk. It is possible to use those, but they are a little more runny than the full fat content of dairy milk. There is a single jar that is more beneficial than a multi-jar model, you don't have to portion the yogurt between cups, which equals less cleaning for you! Yay! The whole process may take as long as two hours, but great things come to those who wait! The ready to use strainer is dishwasher safe and much easier to use than a cloth for straining. It's reusable too! Clean the strainer and you're ready for the next batch in no time in which you will probably need to make more because it will disappear before your eyes when everyone tastes some! This maker gets a 4 1/2 star out of 5 rating on 90 percent of the reviews. We give it a 4 1/2 star as well. CONCLUSION This handy little light super model makes amazingly tasty fresh homemade Greek Yogurt that will have you and your family and friends virtually begging for more. They may even start coming to you for all their yogurt needs instead of buying the grocery store brands they previously purchased. The value is incredible for the price. It's easy to use and easy to clean and you absolutely must have this brand of the Best Dash Yogurt Maker for all of your yogurt needs, now as well as into the future!

MakeUp Brush Checklist

Foundation Brush. There are different brushes to apply your foundation depending on the type of product you use. However, foundation brushes tend to have denser bristles. For cream and liquid, you can use a Flat Foundation Brush which allows for great control. This does leave streaks in the foundation so you should be careful when using this tool. For a flawless finish, artists use the Stippling Foundation brush to apply both cream and liquid foundation. If you want full coverage, the Flat Top Foundation Brush will do wonders for your face. Just remember to buff, buff, buff! This brush can be used for both liquid and powder foundation. Powder Brush. Basically, it’s a huge fluffy brush used to pick up lots of product to apply evenly on your face. You can use one with the long handles for a light coverage. However, if you really want to buff in the powder into your skin, use those with a short hanlde popularly known as Kabuki Brushes for that flawless finish. Eyeshadow Brush. The very basic eyeshadow brush is stiff and flat. The main function of this tool is to pick up and pack on eyeshadow on the eyelids. The proper way to use this brush is with patting motions so you “push” the product on your lids and allows it to stick. This will ensure that you distribute the eyeshadow evenly all over the lids. The stiff bristles can also be used to smudge eyeliner on the lashline or create a defined line on the crease. Blending Brush. An important tool for your eye makeup, a blending brush has long, fluffy bristles that soften and blend out harsh lines. There are also many types of blending brush today. The tapered ones are used on the crease and those with domed shaped bristles for the browbone. Slanted Eyeliner Brush. Applying eyeliner straight from the pencil can be a bit messy. And unless you are aiming for the punk chick look, you can use a slanted eyeliner brush to create a smooth, clean line. You can use the same brush to fill in your brows. Simply dab it in a shade closest to your eyebrows and glide the side of the brush along the same direction that your brows grow. Lip Brush. This tiny, flat tip brush makes it easy for anyone to apply lipstick on to their lips smoothly and evenly. Although you can apply lip color directly from the tube, lip brushes gives you the precision you need, helps avoid color bleeding, and makes out the most of the pigment in the lipstick. This should complete your makeup brush checklist.  

Makeup Brands Essentials

Having trouble building your first ever make-up kit? We have gone through this before and believe me it was not an easy task. I ended up buying more products than I actually needed. So here we have a list of makeup brands essentials of any makeup kit. Starting out can be difficult but once you learn the basics you will be free to make your own creative choices and build a kit that is uniquely yours. FACE Primer & Moisturizer. Primers provide a smooth canvas before the application of foundation and also lengthens its longevity. Moisturizers are also a great way to prep your skin and provides a thin layer separating your skin from your makeup. But there are specially formulated products today called BB Creams with the same functions as a primer, moisturizer and concealer. Foundation. There are a range of foundation in the market today and brands have come up with different formulas and packaging. I have always preferred liquid foundation in a bottle with a good pump (Revlon PhotoReady Foundation) but there are powder and cream based ones that are really good too. Blush & Bronzer. Foundation oftentimes dulls the natural colors of your cheeks. That’s why it will always be handy to have a blush or two at hand. If you prefer the sunkissed glow, you can never go wrong with a bronzer. LIPS Lip Balm. Your lips will need some loving too. Moisturize and prep your lips before applying your favorite lip color. There are brands offering tinted lip balms as well so if you want to sport the “natural” look, you can skip lipstick and add a bit of color to your lips with this product. Lipstick. Believe it or not, you create different looks just by changing your lip color alone. So go crazy with lipsticks and let your collection grow! They are a great investment and allows you to do numerous ways to play with your makeup. EYES Eyeshadow. If you are new to make-up, I suggest getting the smaller palettes first preferrably those with browns and taupes that can be used for everyday (Country Woods by Cover Girl, Naked Basics by Urban Decay). And when your feeling a little adventurous, you can go ahead and get the large palettes with all the colors of the rainbow (Coastal Scents palettes are very popular). Eyeliner & Mascara. These two will make a HUGE difference on your makeup. They basically give the definition your eyes need. In fact, you will be all made up with just eyeliner and mascara alone. Today, eyeliners also come in pencil and liquid form. And for your starter kit, get both the black and dark brown eyeliners. Eyebrow Pencil. If you have thick, beautifully shaped brows you are extremely blessed! But for those of us who need to give their eyebrows a helping hand, please do get an eyebrow pencil. I have come to know that there are eyebrow pens and eyeshadows as well. Some brands even have wax for your brows so the hairs will stay in place. TOOLS Brushes. Great makeup starts with great, high quality makeup brushes. Even if you use high end brands to do your face, the name will not matter if the application is sloppy. A perfect makeup requires technique, and technique relies greatly on the tools you will use. Eyelash Curler. We need to curl them lashes! Enough said.  

Pink Lipstick – Make up

Red lips are classic, timeless. But you can never wear that look for everyday. There is a certain charm in sporting understated, muted hues. And nothing comes close to that description than PINK. It is back! Some even say that it is the new red. Whether you dig pretty, flirty, or casual you can never go wrong with this lip color. Pink is extremely versatile and, very much like red, has a wide range of shades with different undertones, hues and texture. Choosing the wrong shade for your skintone might end up with you looking like someone who has been deprived of food for centuries or worse, leads to dreadful yellow-looking teeth. Something I know all of us do not want! Warm Pinks Warm pinks will look glorious on any skintone. A “warm” color is basically one with orange or red undertones. For pinks, it will come across peach or coral. For this group, we have the following lipsticks as the best examples: Chatterbox from MAC, Niagara from NARS, Party Pink from ELF. Cool Pinks Sometimes called the “nudes” or rose/petal pinks. Choosing the perfect nude pink for your skintone can be tricky. And it’s always best to try out drugstore brands first or the testers on counters to check the best match for your complexion. As a general rule, those with fair to light skin tones should opt for sheer hues (muave, peachy pinks) while those with medium to dark complexion should wear deep, darker pinks (berry,brownish pinks). We are loving the following petal/rose shades as of the moment: Pink Nouveau from Mac, Frivolous Pink from YSL, Tea Rose from NYX. Pinks with Blue/Purple Undertones If you think pink lippies can not make a statement think again. We give you the color Fuschia! This pink color is bright enough to be bold but it is not overpowering. And because of the blue or purple undertones it can sometimes go off as neon. Fuschia looks great against any skintone and will look seamless with dramatic eye make-up. Here are some of our favorite Fuschia Pink lipsticks: Girl About Town from Mac, Centrifuschia from Lime Crime, Punky Pink from Barry M.

Red Lipstick

Pick the right red for that perfect red lipstick lips. If you have pink undertones, pick a lip color in plum shades or those with a blue base like Diva from Mac. Those of you with yellow undertones will look best with warmer reds, that is, those shades with a brown or orange base. Mac’s Lady Danger is one such example. But there are reds that are deemed “universal” as they will look gorgeous against any skintone like Russian Red from Mac, Red Lizard from Nars, and Passion from Chanel Allure. Prevent “bleeding”. Red lipstick tends to do this. So applying a lipliner around the inside of your lips will definitely help keep the color in place. If you can’t find a lip liner that matches your lipstick perfectly, use a shade that is close to your natural lip color to avoid the two-tone effect. Be precise. This lip color is pretty bold and because of this it is quite obvious when one line is out of place. A smudge is unacceptable. Red lipstick is best applied with a lip brush and for added definition, apply concealer around the border of your lips. This will help prevent color bleeding as well. Here are some more tips when wearing red. First, avoid wearing deep reds when you have thin lips as this will make your lips look even smaller. Go for the lighter shades instead. Now, a red lipstick looks great when paired with simple eye makeup. The attention should be focused on your lips. And lastly, it is a cardinal rule that when you use a red lip color, coordinate your blush using a shade that is from the same color family. To be safe, you can dot a little bit of your lipstick on your cheeks and blend the color using your fingers.  

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes – Makeup Brush Cleaning

MakeUp Brush Cleaning Seeing your makeup collection grow can be exciting! We buy all the shades from the latest collection and grab a product or two from the newest line of cosmetics. We have been too focused getting more and more makeup that we, more often than not, forget one most important thing: the proper storage and care for makeup. This will not only lengthen the life of your collection but keep them from acquiring dirt and germs. Makeup brushes in particular need extra care. Product and the natural oils from your face will build up on the bristles and without regular cleaning can lead to germs. Once you use these dirty brushes on your face this will result to irritation or pimples especially to those with sensitive skin. Cleaning your brushes will also maintain the softness and shape of the bristles lengthening the lifespan of your brushes. There are two ways you can clean your brushes. The easy way is to buy a professional brush cleaning spray. Just soak the bristles with the product and with a few swipes on a clean paper wipes (rub back and forth) your brushes are good to go! An alternative to the brush cleaning spray is baby shampoo. The DIY brush cleaning methodology is explained below. 1. Dampen the bristles with lukewarm water or with running tap water. 2. Place a bit of baby shampoo on the bristles and start swirling the brush on the palm of your hand. Repeat this step as many times as you want. 3. Rinse with cold water. 4. Squeeze out extra water and reshape the bristles. 5. Lay the brushes on a flat surface and air dry overnight. In all of the steps, keep in mind to avoid getting water into the ferrule. The water might mess with the glue inside the ferrule that holds the bristles together. This is also the same reason why the brushes are dried on a flat surface.  

How To Make Your Lip Color Last

Make Your Lip Color Last Step 1: Exfoliate. For your lipcolor to stay put, it needs a smooth, clean surface. If you can, it is best to keep your lips exfoliated and hydrated throughout the night with pretoleum jelly before applying lipstick in the morning. But if you do not have the time, you can always use readily made lip scrubs like Fresh Sugar Lip Polish or Sara Happ’s The Lip Scrub prior to applying any product on the lips. Step 2: Prep Your Lips. Now that you got rid of all that dead skin, your lips should be smooth and soft. The next thing to do is to seal your lips with a good lip balm. This will keep them hydrated all day. Just remember to let the lip balm set for a couple of minutes first before doing the next step. Step 3: Line and Fill. Much like a primer for your foundation and eyeshadows, lipsticks will also need a good base to stick on to. Lipliners are popularly used by many make-up users but your can go for concealer and a tiny bit of foundation as well. It is good practice to use a lipliner color with the same, if not a close, shade as your natural lip color. If your want the lipstick’s color to stand out, wash out your natural lip color with a concealer or foundation first before applying the product. Step 4: Use a Lip Brush (First Coat). It is not always necessary to use one, but a lip brush gives you greater control and precision when applying lipstick on. When it comes to lip color, a smudge just is not acceptable. However if you don’t have one such tool, you can always apply your lipstick straight from the bullet. But remember to take your time in doing this. Step 5: Blot. Once you applied the first layer of lipstick, take a tissue, fold it in half, open your mouth and place it between your upper and lower lip. By lightly blotting your lips, you remove any excess oil or product from your them. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to ensure the longevity of the lipcolor. Step 6: Apply Translucent Powder. Yet another step to help keep the lip color in place is by applying powder on top of the first coat. Load up a clean eyeshadow brush or use your finger tips to lightly dab translucent powder all over your lips until they are mattified. This will help set and seal the lip product and will be a great base for the next step. Step 7: Apply Last Coat. This last layer of lipstick should last all day! That solid foundation you set up for your lips will surely pay off.

Tips for the Perfect Smokey Eye

Tips for the Perfect Smokey Eye Smokey eyes never go out of style. It is a classic look that will leave you looking both sexy and sophisticated. It has been a huge style that has been around for quite some time and to date, there seems to be no sign that the trend is dying. Everyone knows that the one of the secrets to a prefect smokey eye is proper blending. But there are other little tricks that comes with it as well. (1) Brighten up dark eyeshadow. All that smoked out dark eyeshadow could lead to what they call “bedroom” eyes. And with that, you could look like you just rolled out of bed: sleepy and tired. To contrast the dark eye make-up, rim your waterline with a white or nude colored eye pencil. This will make your eyes look instantly awake. (2) Apply mascara. Lots of it. Same reason as the white liner on your waterline, this trick will make your eyes look awake amidst all that dark eyeshadow. Using a good eyelash curler, like the one from Shu Uemura, clamp your lashes down for about 10 seconds and add two to three coats of mascara. Be sure to get the product on the roots of the lashes. You can always cheat thick lush lashes by wearing false eyelashes. Full strip lashes adds drama but for a more wearable look, go with individual lashes instead. (3) Keep other parts of your face clean and simple. Smokey eyes look prettiest when it stands out against minimal make-up. So keep your face looking fresh. Conceal any imperfections and color correct your skin tone. Highlight but skip bronzer if you can. Foundation could cover the natural color of your skin so apply a flush of color on the apples of your cheeks. But keep it minimal and use rose or peach colored blushes applied with a very light hand. Of course, keep your lips nude. The focus should rest on your eyes alone.  

Types of Eyeliner

Types of Eyeliner The eyeliner is one of the essential tools in any make-up kit. This product, when applied properly, instantly gives your eyes that extra oomph it so rightly deserve. But it takes technique and the right tools and products to create that flawless line. Here, we will discuss the four basic types of eyeliners. (1) Powder Eyeliner. With a powder eyeliner you get to choose to apply it either wet or dry. With a fine tipped pointed or slanted eyeliner brush, you can create a dramatic line with a wet brush or apply it dry for a more softer look. The downside when using this type of eyeliner though is the possibility of accumulating fall out on your cheeks. Be sure to tap the excess product on your brush before applying the eyeliner. (2) Pencil Eyeliner. Pencil eyeliners are perfect for beginners because it is the easiest to apply. But this type of eyeliner has the shortest wear time and has the most tendency to smudge or smear. This, however, makes pencil eyeliners a perfect tool when creating smokey eyes. But if you want a smooth clean line with a pencil, after applying the eyeliner, be sure to dab a bit of powder (of the same shade as the liner) on top of the line. This will set and seal the eyeliner in place and will keep it from moving. (3) Gel Eyeliner. Among all the types of liner, gel eyeliners probably have the best color pay-off. With this product, you create a sharp clean line. The best part is that once the gel liner is dry and set, it won’t budge and the line will last all day. The only thing about gel liners though is that you have to clean your brush after every application. When you let the product stay even for just minutes, it will harden and eventually will ruin the bristles of your brush. Taking it off will be a challenge as well. But nothing will ever beat a good cold cream. (4) Liquid Eyeliner. Like gel eyeliners, liquid eyeliners also have one of the best color pay-off. This type of eyeliners is a favorite among those who love to sport a dramatic cat eye. It creates the most precise and defined line among the four and typically, is the hardest to apply as well. But with a steady hand and a fine-point or felt tip brush you will get impressive results! Choosing which eyeliner to choose is really a matter of personal choice. As you can see, each one has its own pros and cons. And in most cases, make-up users apply more than one type (and color) of eyeliner to achieve the look that they are going for. So don’t be afraid to wear an eyeliner. Look for that eyeliner that best suits you and practice to create the perfect line!

Types of Foundations

(Choosing and Using the Right Foundation) Flawless skin is essential for the perfect makeup application. It may seem that choosing and using foundation doesn’t require much thinking. But the right types of foundations for your skin type will help you get the coverage you need and achieve that beautiful face. Powder Foundation.  pure-stay-powder-foundation_model-shot There are many companies today who have released great powder foundation in the form of loose (mineral foundation) and pressed powder. This product is great for oily skin. Those who have dry, flaky skin types will need to prep their faces with moisturizer or a primer first before applying powder foundation. Without this step, the powder will end up highlighting the dry skin. Using this type of foundation for combination skin types will pose no problem. The powder will keep your oily skin in check and your normal skin looking flawless! With powder foundation you can get light, medium, to heavy coverage. Cream Foundation Cream foundation tend to have a heavier formula than the others. It contains oil and has a thick texture. Because of this, this type of foundation is perfect for dry skin as this product will act as a moisturizer and will keep your skin looking great throughout the day. Those with oily and combination skin types though should stay away from cream foundations again because of the forumla. Cream foundation when set with face powder will last longer than the other types. This product also has the best coverage when it comes to concealing blemishes and uneven skintone. Liquid Foundation Now liquid foundation are lightweight and the easiest to apply among the three making it the popular choice among makeup users. Today, cosmetic companies have come up with oil based and water based formulas for liquid foundation to suit different skin types. With this product you get a light, medium to heavy coverage. This type of foundation blends really well and captures moisture within your face. The end result is a “dewy”, healthy looking skin. If you prefer a matte finish, simply dust a bit of face powder on top of the foundation.